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If you live in London there is a straightforward solution to all your domestic rubbish removal needs. RecyclingABC is an inexpensive, helpful and skilled company when it comes to removing domestic waste. As a company we have been working in London for many years now, using our specialist skills to solve London’s domestic rubbish problems.

Among the items we collect on a regular basis include refrigerators, construction waste, furniture, tables, light fittings and lamps, mirrors, home furnishings like sofas, garden waste and many other items.

We have a team of highly-trained and skilled employees standing by to help. They are all experienced and qualified to tackle domestic rubbish removal in London as we train our staff regularly to make sure the highest standards are kept, and teach them up-to-date health and safety procedures. Employing people of this level means that we have developed a reputation for being the best domestic rubbish removal experts in London, and Greater London too.

We are able to take on complete domestic and house rubbish removals where we remove all of the rubbish in the entire household. We are always careful when we go about our business in your home. First of all we will discuss with you how we will carry out the job, provide any specific details that you want to know, and answer any questions you may have about how we work. This is vital when there may be limited access or if you live in a multi-storied block of flats, for example. If you’re a business looking for refuse removal, we can also help you as we provide a commercial waste collection service too. Like our domestic refuse removal work, it’s inexpensive and well-organised – perfect for any business that needs waste removed.


Removal and recycling made simple as A.B.C.

Call or email us to order removal and recycling service at the time that suits you.

Rubbish removal and distribution among recycling centres depending of the type of the rubbish collected.

All waste recycled, reused or donated to charities, no waste goes to landfill.

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