Removal & Recycling services for WEEE waste:

Getting rid of broken and unwanted electrical equipment must be done correctly under WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations. It is vital when hiring a company for WEEE waste removal to ensure they comply with all WEEE rules. WEEE removal not something that should be conducted by the public as there are considerable fines possible disposal of electrical equipment is not done properly.

Some companies have additional charges for electrical appliance removal in London, but RecyclingABC doesn’t; we don’t even charge extra for parking costs or the London congestion charge either. Whether you have a single item to get rid of or you have gutted a whole house and have many appliances to remove, we can arrange your electrical appliance removal. WEEE waste removal is particularly important as there are many items which have special removal requirements which can be rather difficult to understand. Recycling of electrical equipment is very important as there are some components that contain metals and other substances which although are only present in small amounts, soon add up when you have many items to be recycled.

RecyclingABC is one of a few fully licensed waste removal companies carrying out electrical appliance removal in London. Because we have full Environment Agency licensing you can rest assured we will comply with all legislation. There are many items such as lead-acid batteries, cathode ray tubes (televisions, computer monitors), fluorescent tubes, uninterruptible power supplies, electrical/electronic equipment containing polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), backlights to laptop screens, thin-film transistors, fridges and freezers that need expert disposal due to various constituents which can be dangerous. You cannot assume that just because an item is electrical that it can be disposed of safely yourself as this is not necessarily so; this is why you need a professional. Call RecyclingABC for a no-obligation electric waste removal estimate now!


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