RecyclingABC Terms & Conditions.

For the terms and conditions below, RecyclingABC Ltd. is referred to as “we” or “us”.
1. All contracts are subject to our terms and conditions.
2. RecyclingABC staff reserve the right to work in safe conditions and may cease operations should they feel circumstances endanger themselves, the public or clients.
3. Quotes given over the phone are not certain until a RecyclingABC staff member views the waste in person. If any of the waste cannot be seen, we can only approximate the amount, and therefore the cost.
4. All non-account customers will be required to make payment on the day of waste collection.
5. Cancellations made within 24 hours of a booked collection will incur a £60+VAT charge without exemption. This will be subtracted from your next bill should we carry out the waste removal at a later date.
6. It is not normal for our staff to carry loose change. However, we will do our best to accommodate you.
7. On removal of your waste we retain the right to charge you for the exact amount of waste collected. RecyclingABC staff will always do their best to deliver exact quotes. It is normally the case that contact will be made after viewing the waste to give the customer the exact amount and therefore the cost. If we cannot contact you in good time, we retain the right to charge for the exact amount collected, plus any extra time or disposal costs we incur.
8. All waste collected by us remains the property of the customer until payment has been made to RecyclingABC. As bulky waste has a high disposal cost, if a customer fails to make payment, and/or should the waste have been disposed of or recycled by RecyclingABC Ltd already, we retain the right to return the same of volume/weight of waste as has been removed.
9. Late payment may be subject to extra charges made to recover said payment. RecyclingABC Ltd. retains the right to add interest on balances remaining, at a rate of 2%/month.
10. Although not normal, we occasionally find that some items are too big/heavy to be removed by one of our two-man teams. At such times we will re-arrange if we can’t get another two-man team on-site in good time.
11. Collections that need more than one load are carried out on a load-by-load basis and we retain the right to cease collections at any time and charge for the total amount of waste removed so far.
12. Any questions about the costs charged by RecyclingABC must be made in writing or over the phone within 24 hours so that precise details can be provided by us.
13. If any of our teams determine or suspect asbestos is present, they are obligated to exit the site instantly in line with HSE guidelines. Dangerous or poisonous materials, needles etc. may also cause the immediate exit of a site or building.
14. Asbestos
We are allowed to ask to view the site-specific asbestos register before any collection work begins on a site where builders’ or renovation waste is found.
The position and condition of any asbestos should be described in the asbestos register. If we see any fibrous material during collection or anything we suspect may be asbestos, we retain the right to:
– Cease work straightaway
– Prevent any fibres or dust being released on-site i.e. by power tools, or to reduce air movement
– Vacate the immediate premises and cease access by others e.g. staff, clients or the public
– Inform those responsible for the area and/or the Health and Safety Co-ordinator, in order for vital sampling to be undertaken
– Not to return to the premises until reliably informed that it is safe to do so
15. Multiple-load collections
As an alternative to using a skip, we retain the right to add costs for the amount of waste we have removed, as well as any extra time or safe disposal costs e.g. for TVs, fridges, monitors etc. All multiple-load collections are chargeable on load-by-load terms. Any quotes given via phone or email are considered estimations to aid the customer as a suggestion of possible cost. Some removals are hard to quote, and may be more or less costly than initially quoted.
16. New account customers
New account customers’ balances will be required to be paid on receipt until or unless a credit limit is given by RecyclingABC. Once earlier costs are seen to have been promptly paid, we may offer 30-day payments up to a certain amount.

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